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081 - Creating aliases and mail redirects

A simplest way to redirect mail (either from users who don't exist, or from users who do exist) is with the /etc/aliases file.
The format is pretty simple:

077 - About runlevel

runlevel is a preset operating state on a Unix-like operating system.

A system can be booted into (i.e., started up into) any of several runlevels, each of which is represented by a single digit integer.
Each runlevel designates a different system configuration and allows access to a different combination of processes
(i.e., instances of executing programs). The are differences in the runlevels according to the operating system.
Seven runlevels are supported in the standard Linux kernel (i.e., core of the operating system).

They are:

076 - Installation of webmin

  • What is webmin?

Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Linux. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more. Webmin removes the need to manually edit Linux configuration files like /etc/passwd, and lets you manage a system from the console or remotely.

  • Installing RPM

If you are using the RPM version of Webmin, first download the file and then run the command :

073 - How to setup odbc for AS400 in Fedora Linux

You have to download the following package from IBM and install it.

[MyServer]# rpm -ihv iSeriesAccess-5.4.0-1.4.i386.rpm

Maybe you get the errors.

065 - Linux Boot Method

Once your Linux system is installed, rebooting the system is generally straightforward. But with the wide variety
of hardware and software in use, there are many possibilities for configuring your boot process.
The most common choices are:

056 - Linux Filesystems

Most current Linux distributions default to the Third Extended(ext3) file system. The ext3 filesystem was
developed primary for Linux and supports 256-character filenames and 4-terabyte maximum filesystem size.
This ext3 filesystem is essentially a Second Extended (ext2) filesystem with added journal.since it is in all
other ways identical to the ext2 system, it is both forward- and backward- compatible with ext2-all ext2
utilities work with ext3 filesystem.

047 - How to use Google Apps email service

To use Google Apps as your domain's email service, you'll need to modify your MX records to point to Google's mail servers. You must change your domain's MX records with your domain hosting account. Each domain host has slightly different instructions to change MX records. Some domain hosts provide DNS settings for you to make the required changes yourself while other domain hosts will make the requested change for you.

1. Sign in to your hosting account


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