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249 - Oracle PSU and CPU

1. PSU’s(Patch set updates) are patch sets but with some major differences with respect to regular patch sets.

PSUs are referenced by their 5th place in the Oracle version numbers which makes it easier to track ( (e.g. and will not change
the version of oracle binaries (like sqlplus, exp/imp etc.) As of now (10.2, 11,2) , the best way to  determine the PSU version installed  is
to use opatch utility using the command below.


110 - Oracle Enterprise Manager

The command to start OEM and stop OEM are the followings.

Start OEM :

# which emctl

# emctl start dbconsole


095 - ORA-01102 Cannot mount database in Exclusive mode

Verify that the database was shutdown cleanly by doing the following:

1. Verify that there is not a "sgadef<sid>.dbf" file in the directory

% ls $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/sgadef<sid>.dbf

If this file does exist, remove it.

% rm $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/sgadef<sid>.dbf

2. Verify that there are no background processes owned by "oracle"

% ps -ef | grep ora_ | grep $ORACLE_SID


072 - Oracle Express Edtion (XE)

Oracle has a product to fit every need. Its free product, Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE), will probably fit the needs of most small - to medium size business. As your business and application needs grow, you can move up to Standard Edition One, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition incrementally, with no coding changes other than to take advantage of increasing features available in each version.

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