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044 - touch command

1. Create an empty file

$ touch myfile

2. touch command changes two timestamps associated with a file

$ touch -d "Dec 18 2007" myfile

$ stat myfile


039 - crontab

The crontab command, like at, schedules jobs for specific times. However, crontab is for recurring jobs,
such as "Run this command at midnight on the second Tuesday of each month." To make this work,
you edit and save a file (crontab). The superuser can add the option -u username to work with other's
crontab files. Crontab files contain one job per line.

$ crontab -e  (Edit your crontab file in your default editor)

$ crontab -l   (Print your crontab file on standard output)

$ crontab -r   (Delete your crontab file)


038 - Package Management

The Red Hat package Manager (RPM)

The Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) is a freely available packaging system for software distribution and
installation. In addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core distributions, both SUSE and Mandrake
are among the Linux distributions that use RPM.

Yellowdog Updater Modified (YUM)


037 - XFS Filesystem for EC2

The XFS filesystem seems to be the preferred choice for the persistent storage for EC2, due to its ability
to freeze the filesystem during a snapshot operation, and you'll need the following to be installed
to take advantage of that:

Example (Fedora, CentOS):


028 - Backups and Remote Storage

There are various way to back up your precious Linux files:


027 - Network Connections

With Linux, It's easy to establish network connections from one machine to another for remote logins
and file transfers.


026 - rsync command for backup

The rsync command copies a set of files. It can make an exact copy, including file permissions and other
attributes (called mirroring), or it can just copy the data. It can run over a network or on a single machine.
rsync has many uses and over 50 options;
To mirror the directory D1 and its contents into another directory D2 on a single machine:

rsync [option] source dest

$ rsync -a D1 D2



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