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289 - PHP Header() Function

Redirecting URLs in PHP centers around the PHP Header() function.

For example :
Suppose you want acheter viagra to redirect to this URL http://www.somewebsite.com/target.php.
In the originating PHP page, you will simply call this script in like index.php:


205 - PHP Meaning -> & =>

  • -> To create a new object, use the new statement to instantiate a class.
class foo
    function do_foo()
        echo "Execute do_foo function in class foo";

$bar = new foo;

You can execute a method in a class object.


120 - To install PHP 5.2.x & MySQL 5.1.x in CentOS 5.x

phpMyAdmin v3.x needs to have PHP 5.2 and later version. But CentOS 5.x has still PHP 5.1.x.
This is one of methods on PHP & MySQL upgrade processes for CentOS 5.x.

1. Check your software versions in terms of PHP & MySQL

# php -v
# yum list installed php*

# mysql -V
# yum list installed mysql*

2. Install third party repository


071 - SOAP Client and Server Interaction

This SOAP service retrieves a famous quote from a particular boxer, and that boxer's last name is requested using the exposed
getQuote() method. It's based on the boxing.wsdl file.

Creating the Boxing Server :

The boxing server is simple but practical. Extending this to this connect to database server would be a trivial affair.


class boxingQuotes {


069 - PHP Client-Side Tools for Oracle DB

From within a PHP development environment, you have several extentions at your disposal to access an Oracle database:

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