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038 - Package Management

The Red Hat package Manager (RPM)

The Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) is a freely available packaging system for software distribution and
installation. In addition to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Core distributions, both SUSE and Mandrake
are among the Linux distributions that use RPM.

Yellowdog Updater Modified (YUM)


037 - XFS Filesystem for EC2

The XFS filesystem seems to be the preferred choice for the persistent storage for EC2, due to its ability
to freeze the filesystem during a snapshot operation, and you'll need the following to be installed
to take advantage of that:

Example (Fedora, CentOS):


036 - EC2 user selectable Kernels

Amazon EC2 allows developers to use kernels other than the default Amazon EC2 kernels with their instances.
An Amazon Kernel Image(AKI) is similar to an Amazon Machine Image(AMI). The latter is prefixed with "ami-"
while the former is prefixed with "aki-". In addition, Amazon EC2 supports Amazon RAM disk images(ARI)
which might be required by kernels and are prefixed with "ari-".
Anyone can use alternative kernels or RAM disks with their AMIs, but the ability to create and publish
kernels and ramdisks is restricted to Amazon EC2 and selected vendors.


025 - PuTTY for Amazon EC2

PuTTY is a free SSH client for Windows. Other tools that form part of the PuTTY suite are PuTTYgen, a key generation program, and pscp, a secure copy command line tool. This topic outlines the additional steps required to use PuTTY with Amazon EC2. PuTTY does not natively support the private key format generated by Amazon EC2. Fortunately, PuTTY has a tool called PuTTYgen, which can convert keys to its internal format.

1. To configure PuTTY


024 - To generate a key pair using gsg-keypair

You can run an instance of a public AMI. Since it has no password, you need a public/private key pair to login to the instance. One half of this key pair is embedded in your instance, allowing you to login securely without a password using the other half of the key pair.

PROMPT> ec2-add-keypair gsg-keypair

Amazon EC2 returns a key pair.


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