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074 - Connecting FTP sites with a browser

To connect to a FTP server requiring a username with Firefox,

1. Open Firefox

2. In the locator bar, type ftp://username: password@ftp.xyz.com

For example, if my User name was jess12 and my password was bosox67, the FTP browser syntax would be:

ftp://user01: pass01@ftp.xyz.com

In some cases, the User name includes a domain name such as user01@xyz.com.
In these situations, you would type:


073 - How to setup odbc for AS400 in Fedora Linux

You have to download the following package from IBM and install it.

[MyServer]# rpm -ihv iSeriesAccess-5.4.0-1.4.i386.rpm

Maybe you get the errors.

072 - Oracle Express Edtion (XE)

Oracle has a product to fit every need. Its free product, Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE), will probably fit the needs of most small - to medium size business. As your business and application needs grow, you can move up to Standard Edition One, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition incrementally, with no coding changes other than to take advantage of increasing features available in each version.


071 - SOAP Client and Server Interaction

This SOAP service retrieves a famous quote from a particular boxer, and that boxer's last name is requested using the exposed
getQuote() method. It's based on the boxing.wsdl file.

Creating the Boxing Server :

The boxing server is simple but practical. Extending this to this connect to database server would be a trivial affair.


class boxingQuotes {


070 - How to know the Host Location

When dealing with remote computers, you might want to know more about the server and domain information. Who owns them? What are the IP address? Where on the network are they located?You can use the following commands to know more detailes about the server.

  • host : Look up hostname, IP address, and DNS info.
  • whois : Look up the registants of internet domains.
  • ping : CHeck if a remote host is reachable.
  • traceroute : View the network path to a remote host.



069 - PHP Client-Side Tools for Oracle DB

From within a PHP development environment, you have several extentions at your disposal to access an Oracle database:


068 - MagpieRSS

MagpieRSS is a powerful RSS parser written in PHP. It's freely available for download via http://magpierss.source.net/ and
is distributed under the GPL license. MagpieRSS offres develpers an amazingly practical and easy means for retrieving
and rendering RSS feeds, as you'll soon see. In addition, Magpie offers users a number of cool features.


067 - MySQL KILL Command

Use KILL statement to terminate a client connection to MySQL. You can use the SHOW PROCESSLIST statement
to obtain a connection thread identifier for use in this statement.
As of MySQL 5.x, you can use CONNECTION or QUERY keywords to distinguish between terminating a connection or
terminating just the current query associated with the given connection.


066 - File Compression and Packaging

Linux can compress file into a variety of formats and uncompress them. The most popular format is GNU Zip (gzip),
whose compressd files are named with .gz suffix.
Other commonly found formats are classic Unix compression (.Z suffix), bzip2 compression (.bz2 suffix) and Zip files
from Windows systems (.zip suffix).


065 - Linux Boot Method

Once your Linux system is installed, rebooting the system is generally straightforward. But with the wide variety
of hardware and software in use, there are many possibilities for configuring your boot process.
The most common choices are:


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