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072 - Oracle Express Edtion (XE)

Oracle has a product to fit every need. Its free product, Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE), will probably fit the needs of most small - to medium size business. As your business and application needs grow, you can move up to Standard Edition One, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition incrementally, with no coding changes other than to take advantage of increasing features available in each version. If you are a developer who needs more memory or disk space for your database than Oracle Database XE allows, Personal Edition may be a viable option for you.Oracle Database XE contains most if no all of the features you need to develop and deploy applications with a Web-based front end for any small - to medium - size business. XE will run on 32-bit Windows and most 32-bit distributions of Linux, including Red Hat, Debian, Novell, Mandriva, and Ubuntu. Other flavors of UNIX such as Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX are not supported at this time, but you will not typically see these operating system deployed at small - to medium size shops.The only other restrictions on this edition are as follows:

  • Oracle Database XE will use only one CPU or one dual-core CPU per system.
  • The maximum amount of RAM utilized for Oracle Database XE is 1GB.
  • The disk space available for user data is limited to 4GB (this does no include system data).

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