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066 - File Compression and Packaging

Linux can compress file into a variety of formats and uncompress them. The most popular format is GNU Zip (gzip),
whose compressd files are named with .gz suffix.
Other commonly found formats are classic Unix compression (.Z suffix), bzip2 compression (.bz2 suffix) and Zip files
from Windows systems (.zip suffix).

gzip Compress files with GUN Zip
gunzip Uncompress GNU Zip files
compress Compress files with traditional Unix compression
uncompress Uncompression fiels with traditional Unix compression
zcat Compress/uncompress file via standard input/output (gzip or compress)
bzip2 Compress files in BZip format
bunzip2 Uncompress BZip files
zip Compress files in Windows Zip format
unzip Uncompress Windows Zip files
uuencode Convert file to uuencodeed format
uudecode Unconvert file from uuencoded format

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