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065 - Linux Boot Method

Once your Linux system is installed, rebooting the system is generally straightforward. But with the wide variety
of hardware and software in use, there are many possibilities for configuring your boot process.
The most common choices are:

  • Boot Linux from a bootable CD, leaving any other operating system to boot from the hard drive.
  • Use the Linux Loader, LILO. This is the traditional method of booting and lets you boot both Linux and other operating systems.
  • Use the Grand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), the GNU graphical boot loader and command shell. Like LILO, GRUB lets you boot Linux and other operating systems. For now, GRUB runs only on i386-based systems.
  • Run loadlin, which is an MS-DOS program that boots Linux from within DOS.

LILO is a boot program for i386-architecture machines. On the Alpha, the equivalent boot program is called MILO
(Mini Loader), and on the SPARC, it's called SILO.


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