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028 - Backups and Remote Storage

There are various way to back up your precious Linux files:

mt Control a tape drive.
dump Write a disk partition on tape.
restore Restore the result of a dump.
tar Read and write tape archives.
cdrecord Burn a CD-R
rsync Mirror a set of files onto another device or host
  • Copy them to a tape drive.
  • Burn them onto a CD-R.
  • Mirror them to a remote machine.

Your tape backup device is usually /dev/ht0 for a IDE drive, or /dev/st0 for SCSI drive
(or for a IDE drive using ide-scsi emulation). It's common to make a link called /dev/tape to
the appropriate device:

$ ln -s /dev/ht0 /dev/tape

Some users prefer cpio to tar, and for low-level disk copies, dd is invaluable.


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