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283 - IP Masquerade

IP Masquerade is also known as Network Address Translation (NAT) and Network Connection Sharing some other popular operating systems.
It is basically a method for allowing a computer that doesn't have a public Internet wide IP address communicate with other computers on the Internet
with the help of another computer sitting inbetween it and the Internet.

As you know IP address are used on the Internet to identify machines. Given a packet with an IP address, every router that makes up the Internet knows
where to send that packet to get it to its destination. Now, there are also a few ranges of IP addresses that have been reserved for private use inside
Local Area Networks and other networks that are not directly connected to the Internet. These private addresses are guaranteed not to be in use on
the public Internet.

This causes problems for machines that are connected to private networks are use private IP addresses, because they can't be connected directly to the Internet.
They don't have an IP address that is allowed to be used on the public Internet. IP Masquerade solves this problem by allowing a machine with a private IP address
to communicate with the Internet, while at the same time modifying the machine's packets to use a valid public IP address instead of the original private IP address.
Packets returning from the Internet are modified back to use the original IP address before reaching private IP machine.


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Story | by Dr. Radut