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272 - Oracle APPS Temporary File

$APPLTMP is a directory configured in Oracle APPS for a temporary file.

This URL looks like :

URL   http://loadbalancer.company.com:80/OA_CGI/FNDWRR.exe?temp_id=nnnnnnnnnn

Piecewise the URL is like this :

1. http://loadbalancer.us.oracle.com:80

This is from the system profile option "Applications Web Agent". 
The protocol may be http or https.  If https, the concurrent manager's JDK must be able to negotiate the SSL connection to this URL.

2. /OA_CGI/FNDWRR.exe?

Hardcoded call to FNDWRR.exe to retrieve the file.

3. temp_id=nnnnnnnnnn

a reference to the table FND_FILE_TEMP.FILE_ID.  Entries in the fnd_file_temp table are meant for one time use
and are therefore deleted immediately after being retrieved.



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