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218 - APP-FND-00500 noprint

Oracle EBS has the following error when you print out noprint with more than 0 copy.

lp: The printer or class was not found.
Pasta: Error: Print failed. Command=lp -c -dnoprint  /d01/oracle/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_apps10/appltmp/pasta1626_1.tmp
Pasta: Error: Check printCommand/ntPrintCommand in pasta.cfg
Pasta: Error: Preprocess or Print command failed!!!
APP-FND-00500: AFPPRN received a return code of failure from routine FDUPRN. Program exited with status 1
Cause: AFPPRN received a return code of failure from the OSD routine FDUPRN. Program exited with status 1.

If you create dummy print queue, it privent from above error.
Add a dummy noprint printer by going through the following steps.

Run lpadmin to add the printer:

# lpadmin -p noprint -v file:/dev/null

Use lpstat to verify that the printer is there:

# lpstat -p

printer noprint disabled since Tue 06 Mar 2012 02:34:00 PM PST -
        reason unknown

Examine /etc/cups/printers.conf. You should see an entry like this:

DefaultPrinter test>
    Info noprint
    DeviceURI file:/dev/null


The enable and disable commands start and stop printer queues, respectively:

# /usr/sbin/cupsenable printer [ENTER]

( # /usr/sbin/cupsdisable printer [ENTER] )

(It appears that /usr/bin/enable may have been replaced by /usr/sbin/cupsenable)

The accept and reject commands accept and reject print jobs for the named printer, respectively:

# /usr/sbin/accept printer [ENTER]

(# /usr/sbin/reject printer [ENTER])

The lpstat -p command should now report the printer as idle rather than disabled.

Send a test job to the printer:

# echo test.txt | lp -d noprint

The job should also complete. Use the following command to make sure this is the case:

# lpstat -W completed -l noprint

The output should look like this:

noprint-387             root              1024   Tue 06 Mar 2012 01:47:44 PM PST
        Alerts: job-completed-successfully
        queued for noprint







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Story | by Dr. Radut