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217 - mod_ossl: Child could not open SSLMutex lockfile

Intermittently, over a period of several days or weeks, HTTP Server will suddenly lock up - neither processing connections, nor rejecting them. 
The error_log may contain thousands (typically one per user click) of the following entries :

[Thu Mar  8 05:30:33 2012] [error] mod_ossl:
Child could not open SSLMutex lockfile /d01/oracle/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_myserv1/logs/ora/10.1.3/Apache/ssl_mutex.7900 (System error follows)
[Thu Mar  8 05:30:33 2012] [error] System: No such file or directory (errno: 2)
[Thu Mar  8 06:26:45 2012] [notice] Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server configured -- resuming normal operations

This can be fixed by amending httpd.conf and ssl.conf and changing the defaults for two parameters:

httpd.conf:     AcceptMutex fcntl      to      AcceptMutex pthread

The httpd.conf may not have the AcceptMutex directive. Search the httpd.conf  for "AcceptMutex"
If found, it must have assigned value "pthread"     If not found, then add the directive manually "AcceptMutex pthread"

ssl.conf:         SSLMutex file:/path_to_logs/ssl_mutex       to       SSLMutex sem

Note:  A possible side effect that may be encountered is that the unix semaphores will need to be manually cleaned up if HTTP Server crashes abnormally. 
These can be seen with   ipcs -a   , and the idling semaphores can be cleaned up with the ipcrm -s command.
After this the HTTP server should start up successfully.


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