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193 - Change Host Name for Naviagent

1. create or edit a file named "agentID.txt" in /etc/Navisphere.

2. Add the hostname and IP address lines as described above. This file should contain only these two lines, without formatting.


3. Save the agentID.txt file.

4. If you created the agentID.txt file in a directory other than root, for Navisphere Agent to restart after a system reboot using the correct
path to the agentID.txt file, set the environment variable EV_AGENTID_DIRECTORY to point to the directory where you created agentID.txt.

5. If a HostIdFile.txt file is present in the directory shown for your operating system, delete or rename it.

The HostIdFile.txt file is located in the following directory for your operating system:

Linux : /var/log/HostIdFile.txt

6. Stop and then restart the Navisphere Agent.

NOTE: Navisphere may take some time to update, however, it should update within 10 minutes.

7. Once the Navisphere Agent has restarted, verify that Navisphere Agent is using the IP address that is entered in the agentID.txt file.
To do this, check the new HostIdFile.txt file. You should see the IP address that is entered in the agentID.txt file.

8. Restart PowerPath for Storage

# /etc/init.d/PowerPath stop
# /etc/init.d/PowerPath start


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