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184 - Oracle identifiers

SID (System Identifier) :

A SID (almost) uniquely identifies an instance. Actually, $ORACLE_HOME, $ORACLE_SID and
$HOSTNAME identify an instance uniquely.

Global database name :

A database is uniquely identified by a global database name.
Usually, the global database name must be consisting of db_domain and db_name.

Database Name :

All published databases in a network have a unique database name. This name is specified at
the time of the creation of the database and created the control files.
The name of the database must correspond to the db_name parameter.
You can change the database name & database id by the nid (DBNEWID) tool.


The DBID is a unique identifier. It is found in all datafile headers. The DBID is used to identifiy the database a file belongs to.


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