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176 - CUPS printer ErrorPolicy

The ErrorPolicy directive defines the policy that is used when a backend is unable to send a print job to the printer. The lpadmin(8) command
sets the current error policy.

1. Modify the configuration file directly :

# vi /etc/cups/printers.conf

<Printer name>
  ErrorPolicy abort-job

# service cups restart

2. Command Line :

# /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p printername -o printer-error-policy=stop-printer

3. The following values are supported :

    * abort-job - Abort the job and proceed with the next job in the queue
    * retry-current-job - Retry the current job immediately
    * retry-job - Retry the job after waiting for N seconds; the cupsd.conf JobRetryInterval directive controls the value of N
    * stop-printer - Stop the printer and keep the job for future printing; this is the default value


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