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142 - CPUs for Oracle Database

11g database will try to use CPU_COUNT parameters for the number of CPUs are used in Oracle Database.

CPU_COUNT specifies the number of CPUs available for Oracle Database to use. Various components of Oracle Database are configured
based on the number of CPUs, such as the Optimizer, Parallel Query, and Resource Manager.
If CPU_COUNT is set to 0 (its default setting), then Oracle Database continuously monitors the number of CPUs reported by the operating system
and uses the current count. If CPU_COUNT is set to a value other than 0, then Oracle Database will use this count rather than the actual
number of CPUs, thus disabling dynamic CPU reconfiguration. When Resource Manager is enabled, setting CPU_COUNT limits the CPU utilization
to approximately CPU_COUNT processors.

* Login to the Linux System as an oracle dba user.

# sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> alter system set cpu_count=5;


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