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138 - nohup command

Most of the time you login into remote server via ssh. If you start a shell script or command and you exit (abort remote connection), 
the process will get killed. Sometime job or command takes a long time. you are not sure when the job will finish. if you logout the system,
nohup is better to leave job running after exit.

nohup command-name &


# nohup your.sh &

# nohup find -name '*' -size +1000k > log.txt

# nohup nice -n -5 ls / > out.txt &

nice [option] [command [arguments] ]

Execute a command with lower priority. With no command, nice prints the current scheduling priority (niceness).
If nice is a child process, it prints the parent process's schedule priority. Niceness has a range of -20 (highest priority) to
19 (lowest priority).



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