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127 - Simple Oracle Backup & Restore

You just need to get a backup created, and you want to take the simpllest approach.


Command to back up your entire database:

# rman target /
RMAN> backup database;

You should see a list of RMAN message displaying information.

To display information about your backup, use the list backup command as follows :

RMAN> list backup;



You've experienced a failure and want to use RMAN to restore and recover your database. You hava a current
and good backup in the default option, and all needed control files, archived redo log files and online redo log files
are available.

RMAN> connect target /
RMAN> startup mount;
RMAN> restore database;

Recover your database :

RMAN> recover database;


RMAN> alter database open;




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Story | by Dr. Radut