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125 - Delete oracle archive logs 11g

If you want to delete archivelogs, use these command to delete them in RMAN.

# rman target / nocatalog.

1. 7 days ago

RMAN> delete archivelog until time 'sysdate-7';

2. All archivelogs

RMAN> delete archivelog all;

3. Archivelogs in terms of thread #

RMAN> delete archivelog until sequence 200 thread 1;

4.List backup archivelogs

RMAN> list backup of archivelog all;
SQL> select thread#,sequence#,name from v$archived_log order by thread#

If you deleted archivelogs by using rm command, need to execute the following command before deleting.

RMAN> change archivelog all crosscheck;
RMAM> crosscheck archivelog all;
RMAN> delete expired archivelog all;



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