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113 - Forget root password.

Sometimes an administrator forgets root password. You need to reset it for login.

1. Reboot OS with single mode.

Login :
[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] to reboot the operation system

2. Enter Ctrl + x

When the grafical screen comes up, please enter [Ctrl] + x
It shows "OS reboot options list"

3. Edit a reboot line.

Please select "kernel ......" by press [e] to edit, then [enter]
You need to add the key word {single} like :

kernel ...... ro root=LABEL=/ single

4. Enter [b] to reboot

After modify the line, you enter [b] to reboot.

5. OS comes up with single mode.

6. Change the root passwod.

# passwd root

You can set your password for root user.



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Story | by Dr. Radut